Intro to Member Guest Shop

Welcome to the future of women's golf.

The golf industry is fragmented. Finding products specifically for female golfers can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating. Enter Member|Guest|Shop - an innovative website for women to search and discover golf products!

The first of its kind, this site showcases the largest catalog of women's golf apparel, shoes, accessories, gear, and tech. Here is where you can browse new clothing drops, compare footwear options, find the latest tech, and filter through products and brands that suit YOUR game. Whether you are a member, (seasoned pro) or a guest (brand new to golf) this platform is built for you to discover what YOU need - by budget, by style, by size. Use it to find exactly what you want and checkout with the brands you trust.

The best part, discovering women's golf products with Member|Guest|Shop will:

  • put a smile on your face when you find that perfect piece to show off on the course

  • save you shopping time, so you can book more tee times

  • offer exclusive discounts (up to 20% off!)

  • give back to the women's golf community with every purchase!

The future of shopping for women's golf is here. Enjoy!

A note from Hayle

Creator of Member|Guest|Shop.

I had the idea to create Member Guest Shop about a year ago. I was getting back into golf and wanting to find cute outfits, gloves, a bag, and accessories that fit my style. Needless to say, much like most of you, I was disappointed with the big box selections. I went down the rabbit hole of searching online for gear that I would give me the confidence on the course, not stick out like a sore, pink, thumb. I discovered dozens of brands that I fell in love with. Quality, stylish, fashionable products existed, but I sure did spend A LOT of time and energy digging and sifting through the women's golf market.

My poor getting into golf experience, led to the idea that I should create a discovery website. Why not give female golfers a simplified experience? A website where we can find everything we could possibly need for the game: From apparel to shoes, ball markers to carry bags, gloves to technology. So here it is! A consumer focused website just for women's golf.

Golf is finally for the girls!

Frequently asked questions

Member|Guest|Shop is a host for women’s golf products. The website offers a simplified discovery of 100's of products, but each item is manufactured and sold by the merchant brand. The products are not directly sold through MGS, that's why you are redirected to the brand for checkout.

A reminder, when you utilize the MGS pathway to start your search, you will benefit from exclusive discounts AND a percentage of commission profits will be donated!

Member|Guest|Shop is dedicated as a shopping service site to showcase as many women's golf brands and products as possible. Having hundreds, and soon thousands, of products to search and filter through, will save you time and effort. Our goal is to promote conscious shopping and decrease buyers remorse! That's what happens when you have access to all your options. We also offer exclusive discounts (through brands that partner). Lastly, this site will donate a percentage of all commissions earned to the future of women's golf (like Youth on the Course and Women in Golf Foundation Inc.).

Member|Guest|Shop currently has over 40 brands and about 700 items. Every week we add new brands and products to the website. Our mission is to showcase nearly every women's golf brand available in the USA and share the collections from each merchant. We believe the more products you have to choose from, the more confident you will be in your purchases and in the sport!

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